IP BabyCam babyphone 330° – Reer

 la caméra de ce babyphone se connecte à votre WiFi et transforme votre smartphone en babyphone

  • Connectable illimitée 1 : connectez-vous à un nombre de smartphones que vous souhaitez. Ainsi, maman, papa, grand-mère, grand-père peuvent entrer en contact avec l’enfant de n’importe où. Crée une proximité même en cas de séparation spatiale
  • Caméra HD avec zoom continu 4x et contrôle à distance via l’application smartphone : rotation à 330°, inclinaison à 110°
  • Technologie IP avec toutes les fonctionnalités d’un babyphone grâce aux spécialistes de bébé de Reer : détection de mouvement et de bruit, fonction interphone, mode VOX, veilleuse à intensité variable, 6 berceuses / sons de la nature
  • Ce que notre BabyCam Move peut imaginer qu’un babyphone normal : accès, vidéos et photos dans le monde entier et partage via WhatsApp (ou d’autres Messenger), notifications push
  • Peut être jumelé à l’infini 2 : vous pouvez jumeler votre application avec beaucoup de BabyCams, idéal pour les maisons de plusieurs enfants
  • En provenance de Schwabe, vos données sont sécurisées : le stockage et le traitement des données sont effectués en Allemagne.




IP BabyCam Move

Smart baby monitor

The reliable connection to your child

Parents put the safety and well-being of their children first. Especially when you have just put the little ones to bed, you want to make sure that the baby is doing well at all times. Since it is not possible to sit continuously with a sleeping child and worry about his or her health, it is important to have reliable monitoring.
With the IP BabyCam Move, you stay in constant contact with your child via your mobile phone and are informed of his or her well-being at all times. This way you always have an attentive ear in the nursery without disturbing the little ones’ important sleep.

Secure connectionthanks to IP technology

Digital transmission via IP technology gives you secure access to your IP BabyCam Move anywhere in the world. All data is sent to your mobile device encrypted. The unique Camera ID and your chosen password ensures that your data is securely protected against third parties. IP technology means that there are no limits to the range of the baby monitor and you will have uninterrupted transmission wherever you have mobile reception.

Simple setupthanks to the free app

To use your mobile device as a parent unit for the IP BabyCam Move, you first need to download the free app from the App Store or Google Play depending on your operating system. After just a few taps, the IPCam and your device are connected with each other and transmission can begin. You can also link several cameras to your smartphone. The camera can send data to several mobile devices. This means that, for example, grandparents can watch the little darling sleeping peacefully.
The app can be used on smartphones and tablets.

Your data is protected!Data processing and storage in Germany

Privacy is of paramount importance to us – not just with regards to your children but also your data. This is why all data required to install the app (name and email address) is saved on the reer server located in Germany. This ensures that strict German data privacy is applied without any possible dilution or regulations by foreign authorities.
Please note: The video and audio signals taken by the IP BabyCam Move are always sent encrypted to your smartphone and never saved at our end.

Low radiationthanks to movement and sound activation

As soon as the app is activated on your mobile phone and the IP BabyCam Move is switched on, transmission can begin. However, it is not sent continuously. When the camera does not detect any activity, the IP BabyCam Move switches to standby mode, thereby reducing radiation. When your child moves or the camera detects sound, it automatically switches on again and sends images to your smartphone. You will be informed of this via push notifications sent to your mobile. You can individually set the noise level at which the camera will start transmitting.

Crystal clear photo and video recordingthanks to HD resolution

The IP BabyCam Move has a high resolution HD camera, providing crystal-clear photo and video transmission. You can record the transmitted images and replay them on your mobile phone at any time.
If you want to see your little one close up, you can use the 4x digital zoom (controlled via the app) to enlarge the image and see more detail.

Calm the baby softlyusing the two-way audio intercom function

The familiar sound of a parent’s voice often helps calm a baby. The inbuilt loudspeaker on the IP BabyCam Move allows you to speak directly to your baby. This enables you to calm your child from the comfort of your lounge or to have a calming effect when on your way into their nursery.

Your little darling is always in sight, even in the dark nurserythanks to the automatic night vision function

The IP BabyCam Move uses infrared technology, which allows you to see your baby in very good quality even in the dark nursery. This way you can see whether your little darling is really sleeping or is lying in bed awake. The change between day and night vision takes place automatically.

Precise positioning for perfect image detailthanks to the movable camera

The movable camera can be seamlessly panned by 330° and tilted by 110°. This panoramic view allows large areas to be seen and you always have your little sweetheart in perfect view. Thanks to the stand with wall bracket, the IP BabyCam Move can be easily placed on the wall, ceiling or table.

Snugly falling asleepthanks to the night light & music function

The soft glow of the dimmable night light in the camera calms your child, helps them fall asleep and provides a feeling of security. It produces just enough light for your little one not to be afraid in the dark and yet not disturb the all-important sleep. The integrated music box with various lullabies and natural sounds also reliably accompanies your baby to the land of dreams.

Product details:

  • digital transmission – IP technology
  • unlimited range
  • direct transmission to your mobile device
  • data processing and storage in Germany, encrypted – free of interference and bug-proof
  • simple and fast installation via app (free to download in the App Store or Google Play)
  • compatible with smartphones and tablet
  • intelligent, adjustable movement and sound detection
  • high-definition camera for crystal-clear picture and video transmission
  • automatic night vision function
  • switchable night light and music function
  • two-way audio intercom function
  • 4x digital zoom via app
  • photo and video recording
  • incl. wall bracket
  • contents: 1x IP BabyCam Move, 1x USB mains adapter, 1x USB charging cable

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